Sales Funnels Optimisations

Guide your prospects from the moment they get in touch with your brand to their first purchase and keep them engaged to build lifetime value.

Email automation

We will help you build strong relationships with your customers with targeted automated email journeys that will deliver the right message to the right audience, at the right time.

  • Personalised email automation journey

    Engage with your prospective customers at every step of their buying stage.

    We’ll use every opportunity to promote your products and entice your customers to buy more, building lifetime value.

    We will personalise and optimise your email automation journey to become a serious revenue generator.

    Get +10% conversion rate on your emails!
  • Transactional emails

    Build a customised email journey for your customers and keep them in the loop with every aspect of their orders and transactions.

    Message your clients at every critical stage of their purchasing journey to keep them informed and build trust.

    Get started with transactional emails

We’ve grown eCommerce revenue by 300%

We have seen a 300% growth in revenue over the past 3 years due to an integrated marketing strategy. We’ve recorded a 10% increase in sales from automated strategies and a 251% return on AD spend.

We have increased the SEO visibility, with more than 300 keywords on the Google first page, and recorded a 194% increase in organic revenue from Google search.

We’ve increased the average sales value of the customers, boosted brand authority, and opened new market possibilities for B2B.

  • 251%
    return on ad spend
  • 10%
    conversion on automated newsletters
  • 3.45%
    conversion rate
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Why eCommerce Business Owners Love Anova

We do everything in-house (design, copywriting, paid media, Dev) and save you the costs of hiring other talents.

  • Full-stack solutions
    We offer A-Z full-stack marketing solutions so you can focus on your business.
  • Online Support
    We keep close to all our clients via weekly Zoom calls and a dedicated chat for support.
  • State of the art
    You can stay on top of your campaigns with our monthly interactive reports and live-dashboard for real-time overview.
  • Focused on
    eCommerce results
    We cannot serve all the clients in the world. We only work with eCommerce businesses. Our services are specialised on growing eCommerce shops and brands.