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  • The Foundation Gain insight into your brand's growth potential 📈
    • Brand Discovery
      We will identify your main USPs and audiences, define your brand voice and personality
      • Assess Your Brand's Strengths and Weaknesses
      • Understand Your Messaging and Voice
      • Figure out Your Target Audience
      • Formulate Brand Mission, Values and USPs
      The final product includes a brand discovery document ( competition, performance analysis, audience segmentation) and a complete branding kit (guidelines, mission, values, vision, USPs)
    • SEO Audit
      We will make sure your website is "loved" by Google
      • On-page SEO Check
      • Crawling and Indexing Check
      • User-experience Analysis
      • User-journey Audit
      You will receive a comprehensive report with all SEO-related issues, together with next steps and recommendations on how to fix them
    • Conversion Optimisation Audit
      Digging a gold mine of insights and best practices to encourage conversions
      • Checking Your Homepage Attributes
      • Checking Your Page Strucure
      • Evaluating Product Descriptions and Images
      • Evaluating Search and Filter Capabilities
      • Analysing the Checkout Process
      • Analysing the Blog Page
      You will receive a comprehensive Conversion Optimisation Report with insights, best practices and recommendations for improvement
  • eCommerce Growth Apps Level up your eCommerce game ✈️
    • Powerful eCommerce Website
      Get a fully-functional, highly scalable, mobile-friendly and reliable eCommerce shop built exclusively for your brand
      • Fast and Powerful
      • Unlimited and Secure eCommerce Hosting
      • Custom and Responsive Design
      • SEO-focused Content for All Brand and Product Pages
      • Built-in SEO Functions
      • High Organic Ranking and Clickthrough Rate Guaranteed
      • Smart Apps and Workflows Built & Personalised to Your Brand
      This is your complete solution to building a custom, mobile-friendly, highly scalable eCommerce platform from scratch
    • Brand Positive
      Sleep tight! We manage your customer reviews!
      • Brand Response Kit
      • Constant Monitoring on Social and Reviews Platforms
      • Built-in Workflow to Encourage Positive Reviews
      • Same-Day Response Guaranteed for Comments, Questions and Interactions
      • Notification System
      • Managed Real-Time Reporting
      • Major Review Sites Included
      • Built-in Workflow to Decrease Negative Reviews
      • Increase Organic Ranking and Clickthrough Rate
      We will create and maintain a smooth process of encouraging and managing customer reviews for your brand authority
    • Smart Newsletter Journeys
      Be present in your customers' inboxes with punchy messages and smart emails at every step of their buying journey
      • Automated Newsletter Workflows
      • Cart Abandonment Emails
      • Cross-Selling and Upselling Emails
      • VIP Loyalty programs
      • Win-back Customers Emails
      This is an important eCommerce Add-On that will keep you in your customers' inboxes at every step of their buying journey
    • Lead Gen Gamification
      We take the boring process of generating potential customers and make it fun
      • Automated Giveaway Contests
      • Engaging Little Games to Entertain and Involve Customers
      • Attractive and Fun Incentives for Subscribers who Invite Their Friends
      • Designed to Generate Leads or Customers in a Cost-Effective Manner
      In a nutshell, this package offers creative and smart games, giveaways and tricks to generate buzz, leads and potential customers in a fun and cool way
  • Organic Growth Strategies Drive sales through organic channels📱
    • Educational Journey
      We will generate traffic and build authority through a multi-channel approach across blog, Social Media and emails
      • Content Pillars and Strategy Planning
      • Comprehensive Keyword Research
      • 2 x Engaging Blog Article Per Month
      • 10 Social Media Posts/Month
      • Design Branding Kit
      • Stock Images on the House
      This kit will enable you to publish creative and informative content that will place your brand in the position of a subject matter expert
    • Product Optimisation
      We send your products into the search engine stratosphere
      • Strong Product and Category Descriptions
      • Qualified Keyword Research
      • Optimised Website Content
      • Engaging and Informative Content at all Time
      • Thorough Website Health Check
      This content optimisation package is designed to generate revenue efficiently by cutting down the costs of PPC campaigns. Costs will be calculated per the amount of product pages
    • Brand OnPress
      Get your brand’s story on more than 150 news sites with guaranteed Google News coverage
      • Press Release Writing
      • Guaranteed Coverage
      • No Costly PR Agency Fees
      Get your company's stories published in relevant newspapers and online portals to boost your authority and awareness. Guaranteed coverage
    • Brand Ambassadors Kit
      We put your brand in the spotlight by getting relevant influencers to talk about you
      • Influencer Matchmaking
      • Influencers Outreach
      • Influencer Contracts and Agreement Templates
      • Social Media and Campaign Guidelines
      • Maximise Social Media Reach
      • Reporting
      This package will improve your brand authority and Social Media reach and connect your business with broader audiences
    • Bloggers Outreach
      We give your brand street cred and build authority by getting relevant bloggers to talk about you
      • Bloggers Matchmaking and Outreach
      • Guest Posts
      • Brand Guidelines Kit
      • SEO-Friendly Backlink Strategy
      This package will bring backlinks to your website and also help build brand authority and visibility for your business
    • Seasonal Campaign
      We will engage your customers with relatable content to leverage the festive buying mode
      • 3-Stage Campaign Storyline
      • 6x Festive Social Media Posts
      • 3x Festive Blog Articles
      • Marketing Newsletter Mailouts
      • Optional: Gamification
      Adjust your online content strategy to target the most important events and holidays relevant to your brand and industry
    • Social Media Management
      We make sure your brand is responsive, relatable and actively engaging with customers on Social Platforms
      • Proactive Engagement
      • Organic Followers' Growth
      • Post Engagement
      • Optional: Boosted Posts
      With this add-on, you will build brand authority through a considerable follower base
  • Packages Pricing made simple for every budget ♦️
    • Marketing Starter Pack
      The perfect package for smaller budgets, with an organic approach and product-offering optimisations
      Request a call
      • Brand Discovery
      • Product Optimisation
      • Educational Journey
      • Brand Positive
      It includes SEO-focused product descriptions, blog and Social Media content, customer reviews management and a complete brand bio and brand design kit with USPs, audience personas, mission and values
    • Marketing Basics
      For brands with a solid product offering, reliable marketing budget but lacking strategy and results
      Request a call
      • Brand Discovery
      • Product Optimisation
      • Google Shopping Campaigns
      • Educational Journey
      • Brand Positive
      • Lead Gen Gamification
      This package is a balanced mixture of organic and paid growth strategies that will help you grow and scale your eCommerce brand
    • Custom Package
      This package is the complete solution for eCommerce with a custom, scalable eCommerce website, paid and organic strategies and unlimited potential
      Request a call
      • Brand Discovery
      • Powerful eCommerce Website
      • Educational Journey
      • Smart Newsletter Journeys
      • Google Shopping Campaigns
      • Facebook Social Ads
      • Social Media Management
      • Lead Gen Gamification
      • Brand Positive
      • Seasonal Campaign
      • Bloggers Outreach
      • Brand Ambassadors Kit
      • Brand OnPress
      The full-stack eCommerce solution optimised for high scalability
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Most popular questions

  • Do I really need brand discovery?

    In a recent 2020 study from Mintel, we can see a stark change in consumer shopping behaviour. 56% of consumers around the world say they will try to spend less time in physical stores while 48% of them expressed they are more likely to do online shopping.

    With these behavioural changes in mind, your brand’s online presence is more important now than ever. Our e-commerce brand discovery is a thorough examination of your brand’s historical data, customer journey, and existing issues. This brand discovery uncovers how people view your brand and what additional components can make more customers interested in your products. Our thorough analysis of your brand gives you insights into where your brand excels and areas that need improvement. It provides opportunities within areas of your brand that could improve engagement, sales, and outreach.

    We are committed to growing strong brands with our clients. We are focused on identifying and eliminating issues found within your site and channels, with the final goal being improved performance and better KPIs

  • How does gamification help me save money?

    Prospecting customers and creating strong, effective customer lists can be time-consuming and costly at the same time. You need to count a lot of ad spend and other costs before you can turn a visitor into a customer who you can send promotional emails and offers. Going viral also is not easy. It requires lots of research and data which also costs money.

    For this reason, our clever tool for gamification is the best-proven way to increase your mailing list. Gamification allows you to maximize the incoming traffic and help you get lots of new subscribers. Gamification also helps you to stand out from the competition and create a buzz around your brand, making your brand even more identifiable.

  • Why is content marketing challenging?

    Online content is changing and growing at an exponential rate, but information-driven content is still what gets people clicking. We help you create content that helps your brand get recognition and authority over your competitors. Our content marketing strategy is based on what your target audience is asking, their pain points, and the things that they are most interested in. We provide you with fully developed content marketing services that help engage with your target market, grow your channels, and create a higher brand value

  • How does the product optimisation kit help my business? How is it cost effective?

    90% of customer experiences start on search engines like Google. Anova establishes that bridge between you and your customers through search engine optimisation. We have proven data over the years that optimisation of your on-page content can lead to explosive growth. First interaction through organic search helps your brand get exposed to a high-intent audience. These are people who are directly looking for the products and solutions that your brand is there to provide. We make sure that your brand is there to answer and solve the pain points for the target audience. We start growing your organic sales through extensive and ongoing on-page optimisation work.

    Search engine optimisation has drastically changed and continues to change every year. For long term success, keyword stuffing and blackhat SEO are never the answers. Search engine algorithms have evolved and they favour engaging and informative content now more than ever.

    Our experts create strong workflows with the end goal being higher organic traffic, first-page keyword rankings and more conversion rate from this organic traffic.

  • What does Anova's email marketing solutions provide?

    Email marketing can be very challenging for brands nowadays. Users are bombarded with hundreds of emails every day with poor content to even make them open those emails. At Anova, we make sure that your email marketing strategy is highly personalised, and structured and our goal is to reach higher open rates, engagement, and conversions.