What is Google AdWords: The Ultimate Beginners Guide

What is Google AdWords

What is Google AdWords?

How much will it cost me?

How much will it make me?

How soon will I see results?

We get questions like this all the time. And it’s no surprise, as Google AdWords is still one of the most effective advertising tools available. But the fact of the matter is, there’s no exact answer to how much AdWords will make you. Instead, it depends on how well-targeted your campaigns are and how you use their advanced suite of tools. Here’s a beginners’ look into what AdWords is, to help you understand it a little better.

First off, what is Google AdWords exactly?

what is AdWords

This question is easier to answer. Google AdWords is Google’s very own paid search tool that allows advertisers to give their site an immediate boost in the search results for specific keywords. You simply bid on those specific keywords and then pay each time somebody clicks through one of your ads. It’s as simple as that! Sort of …

A bit about bidding

Say, for example, you want to rank for “pink ladies handbags”. Then you would place a bid, say £1.00, for that exact key phrase. However, this isn’t necessarily the exact amount you pay. In fact, you won’t necessarily appear for all searches of that term. Instead, Google also takes into account an important metric, known as Quality Score.

Quality Score refers to how good your ad is compared to those of rival companies. When determining your score, Google looks at things like where the ad directs the user to, how well your ad has performed in the past and how relevant your ad is. Then, if that exact search phrase comes through, Google will use both your bid price and your Quality Score to determine where you will be ranked – first, second, third or even nowhere at all!

The actual amount you pay for that click is calculated by the ad rank of the ad below you, divided by your Quality Score. Overall, if you have good quality ads, you can end up ranking higher and paying a lower CPC (cost-per-click) than those ads below you.

The challenges of Google AdWords

Now that we’ve answered the question ‘what is Google AdWords?’, let’s take a look at some of the difficulties you’ll face using it. You’ve probably already picked up on a few, but here are some of the biggest challenges that Google AdWords presents:

• You need to be able to find niche search terms that not many people are bidding on
• You need to design ads that are appealing to click on
• You must know what a reasonable bid price is
• You must optimise the ad landing pages to maximise results

So, how do you start making money from AdWords?

It’s not possible to explain the complex ins and outs of what is AdWords in just one post. In fact, marketing professionals who are successful have spent years of their careers trialling new ideas, tweaking campaigns and learning how to maximise ROI. And yes, you guessed it, that’s exactly what we’ve spent years doing at anova as well!

Our team understands all the techniques and know how to make the most out of any Google AdWords campaign. We have achieved wonderful success for UK-based businesses small and large, and are always looking for new companies to help. So, if this is you and you want to start accessing the power of AdWords today, simply get in touch to find out more.

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