Pinterest for Marketing Your Business? Yes!

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Can you use Pinterest for marketing your business? Yes, you can! We’ve talked before about how images can drive more traffic to your website. Since visual marketing is the current trend, you shouldn’t leave platforms like Pinterest out of your online marketing strategy. It may not be going public like Snap Inc. yet, but just like Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest can be an amazing tool to unleash your most creative and eye-catching content and grow your customer base. We’ve put a few ideas on how below:

#1 Bring Pinterest into the Offline World

This may seem counterintuitive, but mixing your online and offline marketing strategies into a cohesive campaign is very effective. Using Pinterest for marketing, in particular, is a great future marketing plan, as according to the CEO of Pinterest himself, the future of search is in visual content, not keywords. This isn’t true yet, but it’s smart to prepare for the possibilities.

Great use of online marketing in the offline world is demonstrated by Nordstrom, Target, and other retailers when they highlight products on their sales floors that are popular on Pinterest. Not only does this help customers find items, but it can also help staff find popular and requested items as well.

This strategy works just as well for online stores too, of course. Highlight your most Pinterest-shared products and see how well they’ll sell.

#2 Think Lifestyle

Keep Pinterest’s user base in mind (the vast majority at this point are still women), and use that knowledge to help shape your
Pinterest marketing strategy. In fact, here is a useful infographic to help you keep these people in mind as you design boards and create a niche on the platform. Speaking of boards, the common wisdom says to start with two, and really concentrate on creating identity and expertise on them. The old adage of less is more remains true.

So, how can you make your product or business appeal to the Pinterest crowd? If hardware stores can find a way to market to moms, you can think of ways to make your products or business appeal to unexpected demographics.

#3 Integrate Your Social Media Platforms

The idea here is simple: put Pinnable images into your other social media posts. This is one simple way to start building a solid Pinterest marketing strategy. Just like integrating your online and offline marketing campaigns, making your social media marketing strategy cohesive is not only easier for your customers to follow, it’s easier for you as well.

If visual content is the way of the future, and if your business isn’t already on visual media platforms such as Pinterest or Instagram – now is the time! You never know what kind of business opportunities you can find in the ever-changing world of social media. So think about how Pinterest for marketing your business and products can put you ahead.


At anova Digital Marketing, we make staying on top of social media marketing trends our focus. Need help creating the perfect online marketing strategy for your business? Contact us and start on your new online marketing journey today!

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