12 Google Adwords PPC tricks to increase your conversion rate

Google Adwords PPC tricks

Google Ads is currently the biggest provider of search advertising, according to a 2020 Statista report. With so much business generated through PPC, Google Adwords is almost a necessity. The key to success is to make the most of it. This is why you need to read these Google Adwords PPC tricks.

Google Adwords PPC tricks

1. Look at the negative

When someone searches for your target keywords, there will be additional search terms in their query. Some of these are strong indicators that they’re not looking to use your service, or buy your product at this time. Terms like refund, free, careers, second-hand, and complaints (for instance) are unlikely to lead to new business. Take the time to tailor your PPC Google Adwords settings to filter out searches that include these negative words.

Moving on with the next 11 Google Adwords PPC tricks.

2. Keep an eye on Google Adwords PPC performance

Not just on your Google Adwords PPC campaign as a whole, but on individual keywords. The user interface for Adwords allows you to filter keywords by cost/conversion. This highlights keywords that are not pulling their weight, allowing you to pause or remove them entirely.

3.Smart Google Adwords PPC tricks: bid adjusts by device

Do your PPC Google Adwords analyses show a greater proportion of conversions coming from a particular type of device? Do you get more traffic from mobile phones, desktop computers, or tablets? Certain industries tend to favour certain search techniques, depending on whether their customers are constantly on the go, or stuck behind a desk. Find out how your customers look for you and adjust your Adwords bids to favour searches from those devices.

4. Honest Google Adwords PPC tricks: reward good performance

It’s important to have more than one Google Adwords PPC campaign running at once to diversify search results across multiple demographics. However, if one campaign is outperforming the others by a significant margin, don’t hesitate to give it the lion’s share of your PPC Google Adwords budget. A successful campaign means you’re doing something right, and you should take advantage of the fact. Just remember to review and adjust your budget on a regular basis, as search trends are prone to change.

5. Manage your keyword bids

We’ve touched on this regarding pausing keywords that offer a low return on investment. Digging a little deeper, we need to see which keywords are performing well, and whether to invest further, or reallocate the budget to weaker performing keywords. If your top keywords are performing better than expected in terms of conversions and return you can safely drop your bids without affecting your bottom line. Those keywords lower down the list, so long as they’re performing within your expected limits, can be boosted by the additional budget to increase conversions across the campaign.

6. Stick to a schedule

Left unchecked, your PPC Google Adwords campaign will run 24/7, which is a good thing, right? It depends on what you’re offering. If your business sells products through your site, then 24/7 advertising is a great thing: just collate the orders in the morning and move on. If you’re a restaurant or an emergency chiropractor, the odds are that someone searching for your services needs you right now. Why waste their time and your Google Adwords PPC budget by popping up an advert outside of business hours? With ad scheduling, you can customise when people get to see your advert, to maximise conversion.

7. Only go where you can reach

An important aspect of Google Adwords PPC is geo-targeting. Simply put, this involves only displaying your adverts to the people who are likely to get something out of it. This is more important for some companies than others. If you deliver products worldwide, let the whole world see it. If you’re a local plumbing firm, having someone learn about your existence from the other side of the globe can be gratifying, but they’re unlikely to ask you to install their bathroom. People seeing your advert who are geographically incapable of using your services is a waste of PPC. Google Adwords knows this, which is why it has so many proximity options.

8. Make them an offer they can’t refuse

A useful way to increase conversion from Google Adwords PPC campaigns is to use their new Promotion Extensions facility. Found in the left navigation panel under “Ads and extensions”, this easy-to-use tool allows your adverts to appear as time-specific promotions. These PPC Google Adwords would only show up during the period you set, making them ideal for seasonal sales. You can set them to link directly to the promotion page on your website. This increases the chance of a customer sticking around to buy something. After all, who can resist a bargain?

9. What are people looking for?

When people visit your website directly from Google, what are they putting into the search bar to find you? A simple search query report will detail exactly what they were looking for when they came across your business. Exact match keywords help you create a strong rate of conversion from your PPC Google Adwords. People are already looking for you without even knowing it. Including them in your advertisement will simply increase the signal and let you leapfrog the competition.

10. Catch them the second time around

As market leaders in PPC, Google Adwords offers a host of options for customising your adverts. One of these is Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (or RLSA). Never heard of it? It’s one of the most effective tools in converting PPC advertising to real leads. In essence, it is a standard Google Adwords PPC, but specifically targeted towards people who have already visited your site. The internet is a research tool for many people, allowing them to browse before deciding which product is right for them. It’s likely that the first time they visit your site, it will only be for a quick look. RLSA boosts your Google Adwords PPC signal to those people who already know who you are. This reinforces your brand and tempts them back for another look.

11. One of the best Adwords PPC tricks: Leverage FOMO

The fear of missing out is something that will not leave us, not in 2022, not in a million years from now. FOMO appeals to our very psychological impulses. So, make the most of it in your Adwords PPC campaigns.

Coin your headlines and descriptions with phrases such as “Promotional sales end in 24 hours”. Place a countdown timer on your website to keep that urgency feeling even after the they’ve clicked on your Ad.

12. Well-designed website. These Adwords PPC tricks won’t work without it

No one likes to wait around for a website that takes forever to load. If you want your PPC ads to show real results, you also need a website that loads quickly and offers a good user experience.

Usually, when users click on an Ad, they expect to find out more info about your products; and they want that to happen fast. So, the user journey should be fast, simple and easy-to-follow.

Check out the most common reasons why your site is loading at slow speeds.

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