Four Top Tips for Creating B2B LinkedIn Ads in 2018

Four top tips for creating B2B LinkedIn ads in 2018 LinkedIn ads for B2B marketing is something that not all businesses think to do. Although most professionals use the network to connect and make useful contacts, lots of business overlook its potential as a marketing tool.

This is a big mistake and one that your company really shouldn’t be making. That’s because the site is specifically set up to encourage B2B relationships, with a niche and highly specialist audience who are just waiting to be tapped into.

So, want to take advantage? Here are our four top tips on how to do that…

Tips for LinkedIn ads for B2B Marketing

Linkedin Campaign Manager

1. Take advantage of targeting options

Targeting Options Linkedin

If you decide to use LinkedIn ads for B2B marketing, you’ll find that one of the most useful options that the social network offers you is the ability to set certain demographic and interest targeting criteria, as well as to retarget users from lists of email addresses or your site history.

This means you can aim your advertisements at a very specific audience, based on factors such as their location, job seniority, degree, or even the companies they work for.

As a result, you can build a strong audience oriented campaign that really gets your message across to the right people.

2. Think about the type of content you’re putting out there

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Another ability you’ll be given when creating LinkedIn ads for B2B is the ability to shape your campaign type to suit your audience.

This means you’re able to choose exactly how to target other businesses and professionals, in terms of not only your imagery and text, but also whether you want them to be sent to your site, or would prefer to collect their information through lead generation forms.

The result is that you can choose the exact method of engagement you prefer so that you’re entirely in control of shaping both your image and interaction. Use this power wisely.

3. Word your LinkedIn ads with care

LinkedIn ads text

It’s fair to say that the copy you use is a fundamental part of any advertising campaign, and this is no different on LinkedIn than it is anywhere else.

The words you put down are the main clues you’re giving to your audience with regards to your brand personality, ideas, expertise, and everything in-between, so they need to be chosen with care.

Natural and conversational sentences tend to work best: ones that imply friendliness, professionalism, and approachability all at once, so scrap any inclination towards old-fashioned sales talk and go for something simpler and more organic instead.

4. Choose your imagery wisely

Linkedin ads imaginary

When LinkedIn ads for B2B are selected as your preferred marketing tool, it pays to do your research before putting them out there, and amateur studies and anecdotal evidence both suggest that imagery is important.

The pictures that work best in terms of engagement are those that feature a person’s face.

Performing much better than those with a logo, for example, these images are a great way to convey the friendliness of your brand and the happiness of your employees – both big plus points in your favour when you’re trying to make new connections for your business.


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