The Brand New Facebook F8, Google Adwords for GDPR & Instagram Business News

New Facebook Advertising and Google Adwords Features

May started with some exciting announcements at the annual Facebook F8 conference, and we’ve seen some crucial updates made with regards to Instagram Business and GDPR for AdWords.

It’s been a great month to learn about exciting feature rollouts and to also get some tips to help ensure your business is fully compliant with upcoming GDPR. Keep reading to discover more.

Facebook F8 News

Facebook f8 conference

The annual Facebook F8 conference is always an exciting time of year for those developers and specialists interested in building applications around Facebook.

It’s also a great chance to find out what new features are in the works and soon to be released. Here are the 11 major announcements that took place:

1. Sharing to stories – A number of third-party applications will be able to upload content direct to Facebook or Instagram stories.

2. Expanding AR studios – This will help developers to build and create better applications through AR Studios.

3. Improved Automated Rules – Automated Rules has seen the addition of new in-demand metrics and features to help you keep a constant eye on your ad campaigns.

4. Auto-translations in Messenger – This feature will allow buyers and sellers who speak different languages to communicate more quickly and effectively.

5. Europe-based Partner Categories are now gone – As announced a few weeks ago, Partner categories are no longer available for use in Europe. We wrote about this recently.

6. Facebook Business SDK – if you’re a developer who enjoys using the variety of Facebook API, then this new SDK will include a whole host of tools to make your life easier.

7. Personalised Catalogue experience – Facebook is enhancing the Catalogue experience, to allow you to further personalise your tabs through Canvas.

8. Reopening of the Enhanced App Review Process – This will shut down recently whilst Facebook shored up their safety protocol.

9. Enhanced Facebook Analytics – This will include additional features, such as the ability to view data from your mobile and better understand how people interact with your business.

10. The Business Manager Security Centre – This will allow businesses using Facebook Ads Manager to enhance their safety protocol so they ensure their data is stored safely.

11. Clear History – This will allow app users to see a complete history of websites and apps they’ve used. They can update and delete this information as they see fit.

If you’d like a full summary of what happened as the F8 conference, here is a detailed rundown from Day 1 and Day 2.

Google AdWords for GDPR

Google Adwords for GDPR

GDPR for Google AdWords is the hottest topic this month for AdWords users. The much-anticipated General Data Protection Regulation came into effect on May 25th, and it’s important that you ensure your business is compliant.

Google has announced they will soon be releasing a number of tools and updates that will make it easier for you, as an advertiser, to become compliant.

In the meantime, they have recommended a few steps to ensure you don’t break any rules. This includes making sure you have a fully up-to-date privacy policy on your site.

Also, have clear steps in place to receive express consent when you collect and use any customer data.

Once these new features are rolled out, we will give you an update on how to use them. So stay tuned.

As well as this, there are 3 other minor Google Adwords updates made this month that you should be aware of:

1. New Ad suggestions – Crafting compelling ads have long been a painstaking task. However, the new Ad Suggestions feature gives you auto-generated ads that have been customised to suit your business.

2. Improved metrics for Click-to-message ads – Click-to-message ads have seen great success for some businesses, and Google has now updated the metrics they offer.

3. YouTube Affiliate Location extensions – Businesses advertising through YouTube can now gain direct access to the affiliate location extensions, helping you to increase sales.

Instagram Business

Instagram Business

Instagram Business is a rapidly evolving feature of the popular photo-sharing application. Businesses are already reporting significant success by utilising the new features that Instagram has been rolling out.

This month has seen the addition of 2 new fantastic Instagram Business features.

First off, they have simplified the business inbox to help make communicating with potential customers easier and more streamlined.

Reports show that more than 150 million Instagram users use the direct messaging system to communicate with businesses. This includes the ability to use quick replies for commonly asked questions.

The chance to filter conversations to find messages you want to follow up to. And finally, instead of appearing as “pending”, any messages from customers can now come to your Direct inbox.

Some of these features will be available now, and for others, they will be rolled out shortly.

The second great addition is the integration of popular third-party applications into Instagram.

Now, instead of having to leave the app to fulfil a call-to-action, customers are simply redirected to an inbuilt page within Instagram. It works by syncing up action buttons to popular third-party apps.

As of the moment, these include partners such as Yelp, OpenTable, Reserve and ChowNow. It is believed that, as more users start interacting with these apps, Instagram will be able to roll out a larger range.

Overall, this helps to make the process of customer discovery to final purchase much more smooth and straightforward.

Updating your marketing strategy

In recent months, much of the work we have been doing is to help make sure all of our clients are fully compliant on all of their marketing platforms.

And, as always, we are keeping a keen eye on any updates made on Facebook, Instagram and Google in order to help optimise our client campaigns.

If you are looking to upgrade your digital marketing efforts or want to ensure you are GDPR compliant in time, you might want to contact our team.

We work with a diverse range of businesses all across the UK who are looking to streamline their marketing efforts and keep on top of new and exciting features.

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