Your go to guide on running effective Facebook ads at Christmas

Christmas values like in a Facebook Christmas Advert

Running well-optimised seasonal Facebook ads at Christmas is a sure fire way to generate new business and grow sales rapidly. Facebook offers a whole suite of high converting ad formats, and their detailed reporting features make optimising ads a breeze. So, if you want to make the best use of the festive season to grow your sales through online marketing, here’s how to run a successful Facebook Christmas ad campaign.

What goes into an awesome Facebook Christmas ad campaign?

After years spent studying high-performing Facebook ads at Christmas, we’ve discovered what works best for our clients and their campaigns. Here are 3 key rules we’ve learnt:

1. You need to offer a unique theme

Rather than simply offering a standard discount because it’s Christmas, create an entire theme. Such as your annual “Save 20, Give 20” campaign which you do every year by offering 20% discounts to customers and 20% charitable donations on every sale. Or, instead, create video content that showcases how your brand embraces the values of Christmas.

Christmas values like in a Facebook Christmas Advert

2. You should deploy a variety of different ad formats

Target your customers with a variety of different ads, all based around your desired theme. This includes everything through from video ads, image-based ads and carousel ads.

different variety of christmas ad formats abstract

3. Only use high-quality graphics

All businesses want to jump on the Christmas bandwagon, so your ads need to stand out above the rest. Nothing short of the highest quality designs will do the job. Regardless of whether your ads are video or picture based.

Not like this: Spaghetti for Christmas – order now!

bad Christmas ad for food

Examples of great performing Facebook Christmas ad campaigns

The John Lewis Christmas Ad

Not only does this ad meet incredible success on television advertising, but it is also one of Facebook’s most successful Christmas ads. The 2017 “Moz The Monster” video gained more than 10 million views on Facebook and YouTube combined in just 24 hours! Within 3 days, that number had doubled. The videos are so successful, not because they directly promote John Lewis products. More that they offer heartwarming Christmas sentiment that viewers adore.



The M&S Paddington Ad

In terms of generating the most engagement from their Facebook ads at Christmas, the M&S Christmas ad was actually the most popular of all big brand retailers last year. Its heartwarming message managed to garner more than 420,000 engagements, with 18% of all viewers giving it the “love” reaction. Showing that just like John Lewis, M&S are able to apply traditional TV adverts to social media with tremendous success.



Dollar Shave Club

The team behind Dollar Shave Club are marketing geniuses. Full-stop. All of their ads are notoriously hilarious and engaging with their target audience, and their Facebook ads at Christmas are no different. As you can see below, they capture the humour of the company perfectly. You immediately understand who the company is and what they sell. And it makes you want to click it, without them even offering a discount!



If you’re looking to develop truly unique Facebook ads at Christmas, feel free to contact our team. We are passionate about creating unique Christmas Facebook ad campaigns that have a relatable message and that help drive sales. Together, we can help make 2018 your best festive season yet.


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