Does Your Business Need CRM Software? 3 Reasons It Does


In the online world, CRM stands for “customer relationship management,” and it can be a tricky business. CRM software is designed to help you manage all of your accounts and make posting new content easy. But is it right for your business? We have three reasons why it could be:

#1 It Keeps You Organised

A customer relationship management system is any system or platform used to regulate the interactions between business and customer, current or future. Not only does it serve as your memory for every important date by integrating calendars and diaries from across emails and social media platforms, a CRM software system can show you the complete history of your interactions with each client. You can instantly know when the last time you contacted a customer or client was, and what type of communication was sent. If you need to follow up or “rekindle” the relationship, you won’t need to search around to find out.

Nobody’s memory is perfect. Even for a small business, tracking all of your clients, remembering your interactions and storing profiles can get out of hand quickly. CRM software can be a good idea for both big businesses, and small ones that plan to grow, or just plain want to stay on top of things.

#2 Instant Metrics

Off the top of your head, can you state your conversion ratio, or explain your best method for reaching customers and clients? If so, well done! You’re a human computer. But if you’re not an android, your time is probably better spent working on aspects of your business unrelated to making Excel spreadsheets trying to figure this stuff out. One of the biggest benefits of using CRM software is having access to instantly generated statistics and metrics. Some CRMs generate reports for you. And those reports can not only tell you your overall conversion ratio, you can even create custom metric reports to collect better data to help you plan for the future.


#3 It Keeps You Competitive

It’s a digital world, and having a social media presence is essential. If you want your business to stay competitive and relevant, you have to keep up. Which business will market better online, one with a decentralised emailing and social media posting system with hard-to-compile metrics spreadsheets once a month, or the one with a CRM software system that streamlines posts and collects data across every email and social media platform to make instant reports?

If you can use a CRM system to schedule posts and email campaigns, you can put yourself and your staff onto other important tasks without them taking up an unnecessary amount of time. Get your reports with CRM software, and use your brainpower to plan new strategies with that data to get ahead in the competitive online marketplace.


Would you like to learn more about CRM software such as Insightly or Hubspot? Or would you like to find help managing your company’s online presence? Contact us here at anova Digital Marketing Agency today!

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