4 Things to Consider When Spending on Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising

If you’re looking to assign a budget to spend on social media, you’ll want to ensure you’re making the most of your money and maximising the return on your investment. If you manage your social network effectively you can achieve a great deal through organic posts, which are unpaid. These posts will only take you so far though, and by spending even a little on your social media advertising you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve. Below we’ve highlighted some top tips for maximising your budget and some helpful reminders of things to consider when spending on social media advertising.


1.  Plan to succeed

It might seem an obvious point but before you undertake any advertising on social media, you need to plan exactly what you’re hoping to achieve from your campaigns. The worst thing you can do is spend the time and money on your social media platforms without any planning regarding the goals and objectives you’re setting for your advertising. This is key if you want to monitor and review the return on your investment, and can be useful information if you need to negotiate a bigger budget in the future.

2. Instant communication

One of the biggest benefits of using social media channels is the opportunities available for you to connect you with your customers. You have a direct link between your business and your customers which allows you to react to communication from them immediately. You’re also able to send out information in real-time which can help to develop and improve the relationship you share with your customers. For example, if your business is having a sale, social media channels are a great way to promote your offers. To ensure you attract the maximum number of people to your sale, you can use the targeted advertising features on social media channels to direct your message to the specific customers you want to reach.

3. Rich media

If you don’t have the capabilities in-house to produce high-quality images and videos, then a chunk of your social budget should be invested in attractive content which will draw your target audience to your social channels. As it’s so easy to share posts on social media you can triple the investment you make in your social media advertising by encouraging your audience to re-share your content. Video is one of the most popular forms of media you can use, and it has huge potential to be shared and engaged with.

4. Utilising the best outlets

Understanding your customer is key when maximising the return on your investment in your social media adverts. You need to be clear on which channels your customers use most regularly so that you’re utilising the best outlets to reach them. Even with the biggest budget in the world, you’ll never achieve the goals you set yourself if your marketing isn’t reaching the right people. You need to create interesting, engaging content that people are able to interact with and then use your social media advertising budget to boost the number of people you reach.








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