5 top tips for getting the most out of Facebook lead ads

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Facebook lead ads are one of the most effective ways to start getting more potential customers into your sales funnel. When somebody clicks on your ad, the process of making an enquiry is incredibly easy. The form is pre-populated with information the individual has already shared with Facebook. Such as their name, email address and other contact details. But how do you go about optimising your Facebook lead ads and maximising conversions? Here are our top five tips.

1. Make an offer they can’t refuse

Aside from highlighting your services, you should offer a promotion in your ads to help make them more desirable to click on. Such as granting them access to a free webinar or money off their first order with you. The best promotions through Facebook lead ads are those that are time-sensitive and so inspire the viewer to click now and gain access to this discount before it’s too late.

2. Create attention-grabbing ads

This might sound simple, but you need to ensure your ads cause your target audience to stop scrolling immediately and submit an enquiry. Use powerful, bold images that grab attention. They don’t need to showcase everything your company offers. Instead, they need to stand out amidst the multitude of information someone sees in their timeline. Similarly, make sure your call-to-actions are action-driven and inspire them to enquire right now.

3. A/B test your form fields

There is a fine line to be found between how much data you need to gain from the customer and how much causes leads to start dropping off. It is important to gain as much information as possible about each lead so as to decide which part of the buying cycle they are currently at. But asking too much info will cause people to become uninterested. So, in the same way that you would A/B test images and call-to-actions, also test which forms hep garner the highest amount of high quality leads.

4. Make use of Facebook’s advanced targeting features

Once you know what your ideal target customer looks like, you should be using Facebook’s targeting features to find more of the same person. Targeting based on likes, location or job description is very inefficient. Instead, you need to be creating very specific lookalike audiences based on existing customers you’ve discovered through Facebook. Better yet, use remarketing to target any people who have visited your site and, as such, have already been exposed to your brand.

5. Integrate with a CRM

Once you’ve designed your ads, tested them and have started to actually gain Facebook leads, what do you do next? It can be hard work managing all incoming leads and trying to convert each one individually. Instead, you’re best off integrating your Facebook leads with a CRM which allows you to automate all initial marketing communications. You can then help get the most out of every lead and manage which stage of the buying cycle each one is at.

Looking for some great Facebook lead ads examples?

For inspiration towards creating awesome Facebook lead ads today, I recommend checking out this post here. They’ve got a number of awesome Facebook lead ads examples that can be edited and tweaked to work across a number of different industries. If you’re still stuck for ideas and aren’t sure how to get started, then don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Here at anova, we were quick to see the dramatic impact that Facebook lead ads could have on increasing conversions for our customers. In fact, we’ve noticed significant improvements in conversion rates and ROI on almost all client ads. As such, we are keen to find more UK-based businesses to help support and grow through getting the most out of their Facebook lead ads. To find out more about our service, simply contact our team today.

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