Powerful eCommerce Infrastructure

Ensure the success of your eCommerce store with a reliable, fast and secure hosting solution that delivers consistent performance.

  • eCommerce-optimised hosting

    Maximise your growth potential with a fast and reliable eCommerce-optimised website securely hosted in Google Cloud.

    We will ensure maximum performance and scalability for your eCommerce shop.

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  • Free SSL certificates and ironclad security

    Ensure your website and crucial customer data are secure from any online threats.

    We make sure there is zero downtime and that all your backups are automated and safely stored in the cloud.

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  • Real people have your back

    Focus on your eCommerce business and forget about all the technology hassles or malicious attacks. We closely monitor your website, ensure firewalls are up and running and analyse data and traffic for you.

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  • Automated daily backups

    Sit back and relax while we ensure your online store is protected with daily backups of customer data, products, categories, themes, orders, blog posts, pages, and more. All your files are securely stored in the Cloud.

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  • We'll protect you from attacks

    We will ward off any malicious attacks with next-gen firewalls that will keep your online store secure and ensure 99.99% uptime.

    We’re constantly learning and keeping up to date with any new threats that might appear along the way.

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  • Lightning speed

    Speed up your website and power up your product search functionalities so that your customers will find out precisely what they want, whenever they need it.

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We have grown eCommerce businesses revenue from zero to hero. No secret sauce or gimmicks here. Only numbers and stats.

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Why eCommerce Business Owners Love Anova

We do everything in-house (design, copywriting, paid media, Dev) and save you the costs of hiring other talents.

  • Full-stack solutions
    We offer A-Z full-stack marketing solutions so you can focus on your business.
  • Online Support
    We keep close to all our clients via weekly Zoom calls and a dedicated chat for support.
  • State of the art
    You can stay on top of your campaigns with our monthly interactive reports and live-dashboard for real-time overview.
  • Focused on
    eCommerce results
    We cannot serve all the clients in the world. We only work with eCommerce businesses and our services are specialised on growing eCommerce shops and brands.