Linkedin B2B2 lead-generation strategy delivers material impact for Sano

We’ve successfully used Linkedin as a B2B lead-generation platform by generating the leads that were more likely to convert into valuable customers, and delivering sustainable growth in the process.

  • 80%
    reduced cost per lead than in previous campaigns
  • 2.5%
    click through rate
  • 550%
    better performance than Linkedin benchmarks
The campaign is outperforming benchmarks by 550% and performing really well. This tells us the strategy and creatives are ideal, and the message is resonating with our target audience. It's a successful lead generation campaign that also works well as a brand-building tool, and it's not breaking the bank.
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Guy Azouri
Anova CEO & Project Manager

Who is Sano?

Sano is a leading detergent manufacturer in Israel, providing toiletries and hygiene products to a broad worldwide market. 

The company produces a wide range of affordable laundry products for the household, industrial and institutional sectors.

Sano’s vision is to be part of every household across the globe, just as they are an inseparable part of everyday life in Israel. They are constantly expanding their operations to international markets, looking to partner with distributors and retailers within the FMCG sector in Europe and the US. 


  • layout

    Generate leads of distributors and retailers outside Israel interested in Sano’s products

  • rocket

    Increase brand awareness and deliver a strong message related to the value of Sano’s products

  • layout

    Test Linkedin as a reliable platform for future lead-generation campaigns

  • rocket

    Expand our audience and target prospects who don’t know about the brand yet, but could be potential buyers in the future


  • Generate a database of quality distributors and retailers looking to collaborate with Sano within the FMCG sector in Europe and the US

  • Get quality leads on a tight budget

  • No prior customer data available for Linkedin


Lead generation works more efficiently when you also tell people who you are and formulate strong brand and product USPs to run along with your campaigns.

We approached the task at hand from two different but complementary perspectives. First, there’s the awareness element where a business has to showcase its core values. Secondly, there’s the minutious targeting and continuous A/B testing that can make the leads come in.

In terms of audience, we didn’t have much data, so we started with the easy wins, targeting the prospects who had already showed interest in the brand and products and worked to expand our audience group based on geo-location, job function and seniority-level. By targeting “job function” and “seniority” as opposed to “job title”, we managed to expand our audience without losing relevancy.

What we did

  • We featured boosted posts on the news feed of relevant people in the industry
  • We used several creative versions to filter out those for whom the ad was not relevant
  • We formulated laser-focused USPs complemented with clear CTAs inviting viewers to partner with Sano through a lead form
  • We used the Linkedin lead gen forms that are pre-filled with the users’ accurate information from Linkedin, so all they had to do to become a lead was to click “Submit”
  • We also A/B tested the Linkedin internal lead form against a lead form on an external landing page
  • We created several versions of banners and texts for A/B testing until our message was strongly resonating with the target audience
  • We used Likedin’s focused targeting options to create a relevant audience group based on geo-location, job function and seniority level to reach the decision-makers (partners, VPs, directors etc.)

We've outperformed Linkedin benchmarks by 550%

Overall, our CTR was outperforming LinkedIn benchmarks by 550%, which demonstrated the creative and targeting was ideal, and the message was strongly resonating with the target audience.

Simply put, we generated more leads without breaking the bank.

We drove awareness of what Sano has to offer through ideal creatives and copywriting, and combined them with direct, personalised CTAs that brought in high-quality leads. By running a continuousl A/B testing process, we made the most of our limited budget.

The campaign has generated 34,485 impressions vs an audience of 710,000, and the potential is there for more leads and engagement in the future campaigns.

  • 80%
    reduced cost per lead than in previous campaigns
  • 2.5%
    click through rate
  • 550%
    better performance than Linkedin benchmarks

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