How we’ve increased website conversions by 121%

Over the past years, we’ve transformed Rhodium Floors’ entire digital presence, generating leads across all online channels and significantly boosting inquiries on their website. We’ve increased website conversions by 121%

  • 356%
    increase in speed performance
  • 90%
    increase in new users year on year
  • 120%
    increase in local enquiries from the website
Working closely with the company, our challenge was to transform Rhodium Floors’ entire online presence and make the brand more visible to their target market. From the outset, we were excited by the possibilities and knew the impact our work could have on search rankings and the flow of leads the company receives on a daily basis.
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Guy Azouri
Anova CEO& Project Manager

Who is Rhodium Floors?

Rhodium Floors was founded in 2014 with the vision of redefining the world of flooring and wall finishes.

Based in the glamorous Hollywood, Rhodium Floors offers an exquisite collection of hand-picked flooring and wall finishes that exude beauty, elegance and originality. 

Despite operating in a highly competitive market, Rhodium Floors have become the preferred supplier for many luxurious homes in Hollywood and the surrounding beach towns. 

The company works directly with renowned interior designers and project developers who expect the highest standard of service and attention to detail. Rhodium Floors offers a complete service that includes consultation, sampling and on-site finishing. 


  • layout

    Increase showroom footfall

  • rocket

    Increase organic exposure and search engine keyword positions

  • layout

    Develop a new website using the latest UX best practices to ensure the site delivers the best possible user experience

  • rocket

    Increase website conversions through phone calls, product and email enquiries


  • The company operates in a highly competitive industry where it isn’t always easy to rank well for relevant keywords

  • Rhodium Floors’ old website was not ranking for relevant organic keywords 

  • Very poor user experience, slow loading times and a lot of UX issues

  • The domain had been penalised by Google for unethical backlinking building exercised by a previous provider

  • The blog was showing duplicate content, including articles that were a spin of original content found elsewhere


We understood from the start that the client’s website was the primary revenue channel for generating leads and getting clients through the showroom door.

It was vital to rank high for relevant keywords around Los Angeles and California. Any keyword connected to wood flooring and luxury was our top priority.

Content played a crucial role in our marketing funnel strategy. We saw the need for a content strategy that would introduce the brand’s story and value proposition to broader audiences. We saw it as an opportunity to drive organic traffic to the site and also provide useful information to the target audience, increasing trust and authority.

PPC was also a big part of our strategy. To ensure the PPC campaigns would reach the right audience, we selected only the most relevant keywords that had a high monthly search volume and low CPC (Cost Per Click).

Central to our work with Rhodium floors was developing a brand-new website. Before development and implementation, we had to understand how people were using the old website so that we could identify what was working and what was not.

We took a mobile-first approach, using the latest UX best practices to ensure the site delivers the best possible user experience on all devices and screen sizes.

We knew that by developing a new website and performing both on-site and off-site SEO strategies, we could propel the company up the rankings for relevant search engine keywords and boost conversions.

What we did

  • executed detailed market research, including competitor analysis, user persona and user journey research to gain further understanding of the market, the target audience and their character attributes
  • cleared any irrelevant and unnatural backlinks, increased the organic click-through rates with improved content, and got the site ranking again
  • built a modern, high-performance website to maximise user retention and conversions
  • developed a streamlined communication between the website and the CRM system that allows the client to evaluate every marketing channel individually and understand the profit made from every deal that came through website leads
  • found the best keywords to target, segmented them per search intent and defined a range of geo-targeted keywords to help boost the content
  • planned and implemented a keyword-based, topic-driven content strategy with new blogs written and published on a monthly basis
  • created targeted PPC campaigns centred around focused keywords and crafted separate landing pages for each one to deliver maximum conversions and results tracking
  • implemented a customer review program to encourage the customers to provide feedback on third party websites

We’ve increased website conversions by 121%

There has been a 90% increase in new users and a 121% rise in website conversions year to year, boosting the local enquiries by a staggering 120%.

Moreover, we have achieved first page positions for over 100 targeted keywords and started generating a steady flow of targeted leads and enquiries.

In addition to this, the company has seen a 20% decrease in the cost per conversion, helping them boost profits.

  • 356%
    increase in speed performance
  • 90%
    increase in new users year on year
  • 120%
    increase in local enquiries from the website

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