How we've grown eCommerce revenue by 300%

Memory Box is one of the biggest manufacturers of photo frames in the UK. When we first started working together, they were dealing with many eCommerce platform-related technical issues, a broken customer journey and almost no conversions. This is the story of how we turned that around. The results speak for themselves.

  • 251%
    return on ad spend
  • 10%
    conversion on automated newsletters
  • 3.45%
    conversion rate
Revenue growth is such a general goal. It is a big machine with millions of components, and you need to take care of each of its parts to give out the horsepower you need.
Guy Azouri
Anova CEO & Project Manager

Who is Memory Box?

Established in 2010, Memory Box is now one of the UK’s largest picture frames manufacturers.

Proudly based in Stevenage, Memory Box make their products in their family-owned factory and offer a wide range of frames in various colours and styles.


  • layout

    Fix the user journey and customer experience to ready the eCommerce platform for paid campaigns.

  • Drive traffic, convert and generate revenue.

  • layout

    Keep the costs of ads as low as possible while maximising the conversion rates.

  • Keep optimising and generating content that will suit the customer journey, target brand and non-brand keywords and open new B2B market opportunities.


  • The website was not optimised for eCommerce. Broken category and product journeys made it impossible to use Google Shop Catalogue.

  • The costs of ads were impacting the margins of the products.

  • We had to find some innovative and affordable ways to generate more orders with the same volume of traffic.


Although the main objective was to generate sales, we knew that Paid Advertising wouldn’t work with a broken user journey and poor website performance. So, we started fixing the platform first.

We knew we had to work towards decreasing the costs of ads, as they were impacting the products’ margins. So we set off to find innovative and affordable ways to remarket using organic resources.

What we did

  • Fixed the eCommerce customer journey and all the technical issues
  • Came up with an offsite shopping solution for their eCommerce platform that could nurture conversions and lead generations
  • Identified the right persona for the user journey and started targeting the right brand and non-brand keywords
  • Decreased the costs of ads by finding clever and efficient solutions for organic remarketing
  • Optimised the product category pages and home page with SEO-focused product descriptions and content that would nurture sales
  • Kickstarted Paid Campaigns and created offers and discount codes for special occasions
  • Started email automation campaigns for retargeting and remarketing purposes, encouraging existing customers to buy more and thus increasing the conversion rates

We’ve grown eCommerce revenue by 300%

We have seen a 300% growth in revenue over the past 3 years due to an integrated marketing strategy. We’ve recorded a 10% increase in sales from automated strategies and a 251% return on AD spend.

We have increased the SEO visibility, with more than 300 keywords on the Google first page, and recorded a 194% increase in organic revenue from Google search.

We’ve increased the average sales value of the customers, boosted brand authority, and opened new market possibilities for B2B.

  • 251%
    return on ad spend
  • 10%
    conversion on automated newsletters
  • 3.45%
    conversion rate

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