How we tripled a client’s revenue by implementing trust factors

Online buyers usually feel concerned when shopping on an online eCommerce platform they are unfamiliar with. By anticipating the customers’ main concerns and implementing trust factors, we managed to turn this issue into a strength for our clients.

  • 3.5%
    increase in website sessions per user
  • 10.65%
    increase in average session duration
  • 10%
    increase in total number of monthly orders
Trust in eCommerce is in short supply. Customers buy from the companies they know, which offer them the psychological, economic and social security and predictability they need. So, how do you build a trustworthy eCommerce shop from scratch? This is how we did it.
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Guy Azouri
Anova CEO& Project Manager

What are Trust Factors?

Trust factors are third-party seals, badges, and security certificates showing that the website and the products are legitimate, legal and lawful. 

We knew we needed to build trust with the customers, so we could convert more, reduce cart abandonment rates and increase customer value.

Therefore, we implemented a multi-layered strategy involving trust factors, social proof and a modern, optimised checkout.


  • layout

    Reduce cart abandonment rates and encourage customers to buy more

  • Land post-purchase upsells and raise the customer purchase value

  • Gain returning customers by offering deals and discounts to shoppers

  • Define a clear, mobile-optimised, distraction-free checkout journey with a responsive design


  • Customers’ concerns regarding private information

  • Customers are afraid of being stuck with a product they don’t like and not being able to return it.

  • Fear and anxiety when placing an online order from a relatively new brand that customers haven’t heard of before.

  • High cart abandonment rates caused by lack of trust and transparency at checkout.


We set out knowing that an online shop should look secure and legitimate from the first click. We knew clients would worry about their financial and personal information and abandon their cart at the first red flag.

So, we needed to make all these worries go away fast. There were three main layers to our strategy: 

  • social proof (achieved through peers’ reviews, comments, popups) 
  • trust factors (third-party seals, badges, and security certificates) 
  • an optimised, distraction-free checkout experience with a modern design that inspires safety and makes for a hassle-free purchasing experience.


What we did

  • Implemented third-party seals, badges and security certificates with an emphasis on financial trust badges
  • We established TrustPilot pop-ups with real customer reviews as social proof of the validity and quality of our products
  • We also implemented pop-ups with product stock updates, time-sensitive offers and complementary product suggestions to create urgency and increase the customer basket value
  • Implemented a modern, distraction-free, mobile-optimised checkout that makes for a flawless and safe purchase experience.
  • We set up an email automation system to offer customers special discounts if they leave an honest review
  • We went even further to display pop-up notifications with the most popular products of the week so clients can see what other customers are buying in real-time
  • Implemented a “selling fast” tag on the products that are selling the most in a week

We tripled a client’s revenue by implementing trust factors

Over the course of 3 months, we saw a significant increase in website sessions per user and average session duration. So people were interacting more with the website.

Moreover, the website bounce rate decreased by 24%, so social proof and popups worked to make clients feel comfortable on the eCommerce site.
We saw a 15% increase in average monthly revenue and a 3.17% increase in conversion rates.

All these strategies ensured an overall increase in average monthly revenue and conversion rates. Moving forward, we are looking at even more engaging ways to communicate and assure clients of the trustworthiness and quality of the products on the website.

  • 3.5%
    increase in website sessions per user
  • 10.65%
    increase in average session duration
  • 10%
    increase in total number of monthly orders

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