10-Day Facebook Campaign Delivers 8.9x Return on AD Spend

Red Carpet Manicure became the world’s first at-home gel manicure kit, transforming the whole market. What was once a popular treatment exclusive to salons and spas became an easy, affordable and high-quality at-home package with similar professional results. This is how we told their story on Facebook, generating impressions and conversions through a 10-Day Facebook campaign.

  • 8.9x
    return on AD spend
  • 377
    purchase conversions
  • 130K
We had a great Black Friday campaign, especially considering the very short time frame we have set for the campaign. The return on AD spend was much higher than our forecast, and the overall results were above our expectations.
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Guy Azouri
Anova CEO& Project Manager

Who is Red Carpet Manicure?

Red Carpet Manicure’s goal was to transform the popular professional gel manicure into an easy, affordable and high-quality at-home system. 

Initially, the client had used Facebook for daily posting and interaction with their followers. They also tried boosting posts in an attempt to reach new potential clients. While these tactics proved somewhat successful for community and page growth, they made it challenging to measure ROI or conversions.

The client realised the opportunity of improving their use of Facebook. So they approached us for a complete digital marketing campaign, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday events.


  • layout

    Increase sales with a focus on total conversion value

  • rocket

    Increase brand awareness and community engagement

  • layout

    Focus on two products with the following promotions: 50% OFF Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish & Essentials; 30% OFF on Starter Kits


  • The client had a lot of product variations, so we had to find new ways of showcasing them in Ads

  • We had a short time frame for the campaign (10 days) and little time to prepare beforehand


We designed a conversions-first Facebook campaign strategy focused on promoting the two main products: the manicure starter kit and the nail colour essentials.

We focused on the total conversion value rather than on a precise number of conversions per item or a target CPA.

Our strategy was to invest 90% of our targeting in the audiences already familiar with the brand and its offerings.

We used Facebook Pixel and Analytics to get the audience size insights and specific page tracking.

After we had an idea of the group size of each audience, we could split the budget accordingly, aiming to reach all users in each ad set group. We would then manually shift budgets for the ad groups where performance was better.

What we did

  • We analysed the brand’s existing user data, customer lists, company page and post engagement using a Facebook Pixel tracking code
  • We targeted people who visited the website in the past 180
  • Additionally, we targeted users who viewed 50% of Red Carpet’s videos in the past 365 days
  • We established a price discount CTA that would get users’s attention and encourage them to make a purchase
  • We also used the image-video creator with Facebook customised templates to add motion to static images
  • We defined an audience base by using website tracking, Facebook page analytics and Instagram page analytics
  • We also targeted users who engaged with the brand’s Facebook and Instagram pages in the last 365 days
  • We also used their customer list as one targeting audience group
  • We created a set of banners for each product, highlighting the promotion in a Carousel which helped showcase the full range of colours Red Carpet Manicure offers
  • We A/B tested the ads with price discounts and percentage discounts

Conversion optimisation, remarketing and ad tracking made simple

With a clear goal, valuable audience research and smart targeting and retargeting, we managed to record 8.9x on AD spend. In fact, the highest value was 19.6x. We made more than 370 purchase conversions and reached about 30K people.

All in all, it was a successful Facebook campaign, considering the short time frame we had for strategy and development.

  • 8.9x
    return on AD spend
  • 377
    purchase conversions
  • 130K

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