real estate

4 Tips to Help Grow Your Real Estate Business on Social Media

There is no better place for real estate advertisements than online. Any good realtor knows that having a good, user-friendly website (that is…
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music on social media

3 Ways to Promote Your Music on Social Media

Promoting music on social media is easier than you think, and the best way to do it! In the hyper-connected online world, you're…
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social media news

This Month on Social Media – Social Media News June 2017

Welcome to the June 2017 installment of Social Media News with anova Digital Marketing Agency! Let's get straight to the heavy-hitters from this…
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restaurants to market

The 3 Best Ways for Restaurants to Market on Social Media

We all know that marketing without social media these days is not going to get you far. But what is the best way…
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social media for fundraising

Using Social Media for Fundraising: What Nonprofits and Charities Should Know

Knowing how to use social media platforms is important for every kind of business, including nonprofit organisations and charities. But how can you…
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creative people

Pinterest for Marketing Your Business? Yes!

Can you use Pinterest for marketing your business? Of course you can! We've talked before about how images can drive more traffic to your…
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Local SEO: How to Do It Right

In a competitive online market, search engine optimization is a necessary but difficult evil. But have you considered the benefits of local SEO?…
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snapchat for marketing

4 Tips On How to Use Snapchat for Marketing Your Business

With Snapchat’s parent company, Snap Inc. having gone public this month, using Snapchat for marketing your business could be a smart move. It's currently the centre…
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instagram for your business

Can You Use Instagram for Your Business? 3 Tips to Help You Get Noticed

Why use Instagram for your business' online marketing strategy? It currently has over 400 million users, with over 90 percent of them under the…
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social media important

Why is Social Media Important? 4 Reasons to Get Online

You might be asking yourself, is social media important to marketing your business online? The answer is yes! At this point, not having…
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