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Creating a website that not only looks good but also provides visitors with a seamless journey is critical for your business. We deliver cracking websites and applications, creating the groundwork for a strong online presence.

Your website is your shop window

A phrase we’ve all seen a million times – but it’s true! However, beyond that a website is just not about visual appeal. In fact, it’s the core of any business’s online marketing strategy.

And so just like a potential customer must be able to find a shop without too much effort and then be attracted to enter it; a website needs to look welcoming and inviting. This also means the design and site needs to be easy to navigate, with no obstacles preventing people from finding what they are looking for. The aim is to keep them there for a while, help them with their purchase and for them to leave happy and willing to come back.

Over the past ten years we’ve produced hundreds of websites for clients across the globe and we’ve learnt lessons along the way. Having thoroughly examined data we understand user behaviour and experience. And it is this analytical and considered approach that has influenced the meticulous way we design marketing strategies and increase positive conversions. Our role as a website design agency is to make sure any visitors to your site have the best experience possible, get to know you and what you’re offering.

For more information on how we can help you with your website design and development contact anova.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions that we’re often asked and their answers. If you can’t see your question here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
  • I want a new website. Where do I start?
    Building a website is like constructing a building, and there are a number of components to consider. First and foremost you need to ask yourself. What is the purpose of this website, is it going to promote my services or products? Who is my target audience - am I looking to target other businesses or consumers? And the million dollar question - what is my budget? Some website development companies can charge as little as £500 for a website, however - we understand that budget equals development hours - if you are paying less - you are getting far less! At anova, as a digital marketing agency, we may not be considered the cheapest in the market- but behind every website we build - there is an experienced team of business analysts, UX / UI (User Experience) Designers, Web Developers and SEO Experts. We don’t just work at making it look good, we make sure that the website will be effective at converting your visitors into winning leads.
  • How do I get more visitors to my website?
    This is exactly what we help our international clients with! There are a number of ways to approach this but primarily we ask what visitors do you want? Who are your audience? We can then look at how to find them and what is relevant to them. That’s where our digital marketing strategies come into play; we work with you to develop a plan that encourages your target audience to find you and stay with you.
  • Do you have web developers in-house?
    Yes - we do. We felt that it was important to bring someone into the anova team to help with our growing web development business. That means we always have someone on hand and in our office to help with any questions you may have.
  • Can you make your own website or do you really need a web design agency?
    If you have the capabilities to do it yourself, that’s great. A simple website may be all you need. But if you’re serious and need a site that reflects that, using a web development agency with professional developers and designers will make a difference. It may be worth considering if it’s worth some initial investment so you can reap rewards later on. You also need to consider how it ranks in search engine results. At anova we create websites that look good, work well and most importantly, help you succeed. We advise clients to have blogs on their websites and we make sure all the back-end tagging and data is good for search engines. And as of 2018, it’s official that Google will demote those websites that don’t meet performance requirements.

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Improving the website of a fashion retail client made all the difference to their conversions.

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