Slow websites leave visitors frustrated, optimise your website performance with anova

Every second counts. An important part of Search Engine Optimisation is providing a positive customer experience... Don't make them wait for too long.

Indeed, User Experience is a key component of Google’s search algorithm. Studies suggest that once a new customer has arrived at your website you have around thirty seconds to convince them to stay.

Of course, with your quality content and your attractive site design, that shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Sure – so long as your customers get to see it all in time.

Slow and steady does not win the race

Forget about that story of the tortoise and the hare. In today’s online world, being fast is what matters. Quite aside from your potential customers getting bored and clicking elsewhere, a slow-functioning page will actually see you demoted down Google’s search rankings, and with good reason. After all, every customer herded in your direction is a Google customer too. If those customers can’t trust Google to point them towards fast and reliable websites, they may choose another search provider.

What’s holding you back?

It’s rarely just one element that causes a page to load slowly. More often than not it is the cumulative impact of several things. Large, hi-resolution images, locally hosted videos, and elaborate site design all have a part to play, as does poor response time on the website’s home server, poorly maintained information and stock databases, and relying on feeds from third-party sites and applications.

What anova can do for you

If you’re hopping about the various pages on our site, perhaps deciding whether or not to utilise our services, you should have noticed the quick loading times. Or, rather, you shouldn’t have noticed, as everything pops up in an instant, allowing you to proceed to the next page without giving load speeds so much as a second thought. That is what an optimised website should look like!

Our team of technicians will investigate the structure of your website and highlight those areas that are slowing you down, be it a coding issue or a server concern. They will then present a solution to each element that is keeping your website in a holding pattern, tightening up the code, compressing and optimising images and other media, and ensuring that your own resources are being used to maximum effect.

Get in touch

Are your web pages loading with all the hurry of a tectonic plate? Are your customers losing interest before they even get to the good stuff? Contact anova today for a free, no-obligation SEO audit, and let our team expert show you how we can speed things up.

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