Keyword research - first step in your SEO strategy

Our first priority as part of any digital marketing campaign is understanding what people are actually looking for. A keyword search and keyword tracker helps us continually assess how we're doing and tailor our online campaign to maximise results.

The one thing most people understand about Search Engine Optimisation is the concept of keywords.

These are the words that are associated with your business and the goods or services that it provides. When people enter a search term into Google (or any other search engine, for that matter), if their search words match the keywords for your website, your website will appear in Google’s list of successful search results.

That, at least, is the theory.

A brief history of keywords

In the old days of the Internet, online commerce was a much more lawless environment than it is today. Back then, a successful SEO strategy could be laid by simply filling every page on your website with every keyword that might conceivably be used in a customer’s search engine enquiry. Websites would literally post these as a list, often repeated over and over again at the bottom of the page. If they had a shred of decency they would list them in the same colour as the background, so you couldn’t see their blatant corralling of your custom, but many didn’t even bother with this. The more keywords they crammed into the page (and, of course, every sub-page), the better chance they had of being picked up on a search.

A new dawn

Thankfully, the habit of keyword-stuffing has fallen out of favour, if only because Google and its ilk have long-since put a stop to the practice. Their ranking algorithms still take keywords into account, but overuse of them raises a red flag and is apt to drop your ranking rather than improve it. These days, it is not about the quantity of keywords, but the quality.

How anova can help

You might think that you have a handle on the sorts of search terms people are using when they try to find your business online. However, the most obvious keywords are not always the best ones to use. If you are a mechanic, for instance, that word rarely pops up in natural searches, even though it describes your business to a tee. Search terms like “car servicing”, “garage”, “MOT centre”, and “vehicle repair” are far more likely to yield positive results.

At anova we conduct in-depth keyword research designed to help your customers to find you. We have access to tons of data relevant to your industry and our team of marketing specialists will handpick the keywords that are likely to prove most effective for your business, and which will help you in reaching your goals.

We take multiple approaches towards keywords and how they impact on the flow of traffic to your site. This includes optimising your landing pages, creating SEO driven blog posts and external content, and generating positive back-links from your social media presence. All of this helps to generate natural and effective traffic in your direction.

Google’s algorithm is very sophisticated and can tell the difference between lists of keywords and natural-sounding text. It is important that your web content – everything from your landing page to your product descriptions and your blog entries – reads well. To this end, we employ professional copywriters to produce the content for your site. These experts will produce text for your site that is spelt correctly, grammatically accurate, and that reads as though written by a real human being, rather than a keyword generator.

Get in touch

Are your keywords proving less than effective? Are you failing to make a dent on Google’s front page? Contact anova today for a free, no-obligation SEO audit, and let us show you how we can help you improve.

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