Remarket to your audience and remind your audience what they are missing

Remarketing a product or a service that has been viewed previously by that person is a very effective tool in your digital marketing strategy.

Chase the ones that got away.

Some users find it eerie, but we know that following people around the web is an effective method in a digital marketing campaign. Targeted advertising reaches out to people who have shown an interest in you already, meaning you can remind anyone that has visited your website, viewed a product or started a transaction, that there is unfinished business.

  • What are the benefits of remarketing?
  • They recognise you already so they will automatically be more trusting of what you are offering
  • It encourages them to reassess the decision they made, so they may have considered a product but got distracted, or looked elsewhere. Remarketing encourages them back for a further visit to you
  • You can create different lists, so how you market to someone who visited your site may be different to how you approach someone that started a transaction but never completed it

What are the types of remarketing?

Standard remarketing
Ads will show up on sites within the GDN to those people who have previously visited your site.

Dynamic remarketing
As the title implies, these are the most visual and impactful. We have found they are especially successful for e-commerce clients. These are the display ads that show images of products a person was previously looking at on a site. So you’ve looked at a t-shirt on a website, then later on that day, you see that exact t-shirt on an ad on another site. It is an instant call to action to go back and buy something.

Video remarketing
You can remarket to those who watched something of yours on YouTube if you have video content or if they have previously downloaded your app. If you have your own custom lists, such as data collected via your website or from another marketing campaign, you can target those individuals again. They know your brand already, so remarketing to those who have previously engaged with you, is likely to increase success and a return of investment.

Customer list remarketing
You’ve collected email addresses from customers, which can then be shared with Google. Google can then target the individuals once they sign in to their Google browser and show up ads on the sites they visit. Freaky but effective!

There are various ways to remarket to your selected audience and we know this is a very cost-effective method of digital marketing. To increase your return of investment, get in touch to find out how to find your audience and keep them.

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Remarketing is a cost effective method of paid marketing. See what happened when we used remarketing for a technology client and how their sales increased as a result.

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