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Getting seen online is getting more and more competitive. You have probably heard of PPC (pay-per-click) and remarketing, but don’t really understand how it will help you or even how you get it done.

Pay Per Click with Google Ads

Google Ads was previously known as Google AdWords and is often part of a ‘PPC’ and ‘paid search’ campaign. This popular form of paid marketing is when adverts are displayed when search engine results come up on Google, based on keywords you have chosen to ‘bid’ on. When someone searches for something using a keyword you have ‘bid’, your advert may display. Every time someone clicks on the advert, you pay – hence ‘pay per click’.

Businesses must do more than rely on simply having a website; they need to ensure they are visible to their audience. It’s not the only way, but we know through years of experience, that one effective method is to look at the role of paid marketing.

We don’t propose paying without a purpose – it needs to be thought-out, researched and targeted with the right keywords.

We also think it is a campaign that evolves and should be based on statistics, data and analysis and be constantly reviewed and improved upon. Does it work? If it’s done well, most definitely.

We can demonstrate a clear link between paid marketing and an increase in sales and brand awareness, and we can show a very clear return of investment, which is ultimately what we know proves our worth.

Be in the spotlight

As you read this, there are countless people searching for products or services, or asking questions and advice. In pay per click campaigns, you first and foremost want to make sure you are at the front of those results, getting your product and services out there. First you would expect your prospective customers to become aware of you, then observe you and show an interest, perhaps by visiting your site or clicking on a post.

If you’re thinking about using ppc as part of your digital marketing campaign, get in touch to see how you can see a clear return of investment, with an evidence-based strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions that we’re often asked and their answers. If you can’t see your question here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
  • What is digital marketing?
    Marketing has always been around. But instead of traditional methods such as knocking on doors, sending post, handing out leaflets or cold-calling, as technology has evolved, so too has marketing. Digital marketing is about reaching and advertising you or your products online. A digital marketing campaign starts with a website. It then involves ensuring your website can be found in search engines, allowing you to show ads to your target audience, to finding those people that have visited you before and then reminding them what they were looking at. Digital marketing is a maze of opportunity that we are able to help you navigate.
  • What is PPC?
    PPC stands for pay-per-click. Ultimately it means that if someone clicks on your ‘ad’ then you get ‘charged’ for it. You can set a budget and even a limit per day so there are no surprises, plus target it for your audience, like having it show up between certain hours and so on. Depending on the digital marketing strategy, your relevant ad may be placed on social media sites, on search engines results linked to a specific question/word/phrase entered, or other websites that give space to adverts. The cost of the ‘click’ depends on how popular the keyword is.
  • Are you a certified Google Partner?
    Yes - and what does that mean for you? Firstly we have to go through regular exams to make sure we are always knowledgeable about the latest marketing methods. Secondly, in order to keep our status we have to continue producing high performing campaigns. We work closely with our Google account team on our campaigns, to ensure they are optimised and delivering outstanding results for our clients.
  • Why should I use digital marketing over more traditional methods?
    Where does your audience spend the majority of its time? Chances are, it’s online, which is why it makes sense to try and reach them there. Your audience may be local or international but digital marketing allows you to target them all, hence it being called the World Wide Web! What’s amazing about a digital marketing campaign is the way we can use data to reach specific people with by targeting messages. This makes it more effective, both in terms of return on investment and brand awareness. There’s lots to say, so we’ve written a blog on this
  • Does paid marketing work for small businesses?
    We help dozens of small businesses who have seen significant growth as a consequence of using paid advertising effectively. We think that this is key - it is a minefield out there and constantly evolving, so you will need some support navigating your way around it. What’s key is keeping your ads simple, avoid using competitive keywords and making use of extensive research to ensure you are finding the right words. Also, aim to keep track to avoid using up your budget too quickly and, finally, be equipped to deal with inevitable leads that come from a good marketing campaign!
  • I have a product I am planning on launching, and know I should be doing some paid marketing. How do I start?
    You want bang for your buck so first things first. Get some advice from a digital marketing agency. Think who you are targeting. Set up a profile and focus on that person when building your plan. Your campaign is the first opportunity to get your business out to your audience, so treat it as a ‘campaign’ not just a set of actions. We don’t advocate ‘selling’ as the first thing you should do. Building some brand awareness should be the priority when wanting people to buy into what you do and what you sell. Once there is some recognition of who you are, people are more likely to trust you as a supplier. So, in short: Get some advice, work out your audience, build a campaign, and be realistic.
  • I’m building a website myself but then want to spend some money on marketing. Any tips?
    Yes. Make sure your website is good enough to promote! Don’t scrimp on a website if you’re planning on spending money for people to visit it. You really need to look at your website as the starting point of your marketing campaign. It should be able to include every feature you will need, even if you don’t need it straight away.
  • For how long do marketing campaigns need to last?
    It really depends on what you’re marketing and what budget you have. If you’re starting from scratch you will need a phased approach. So start with brand awareness - tell people who you are, and then continue the campaign ‘selling’ your item or service. We constantly look at data and tweak things to ensure its having the greatest impact, so nothing is ever set in stone. You can pause campaigns or even increase your budget when we show you how well it’s doing!
  • How much budget do I need for a new website and marketing?
    No straight answer to this one! It really is dependent on what you want included and what you want to achieve. You can go as big as you want with both elements. With websites, you can pay extra for more features, tools and pages. With marketing campaigns, you can choose a budget for pay-per-click, and also consider things like SEO, content marketing, video production and so on. We always recommend having a chat to discuss through your goals and expectations. Then a realistic budget can be set to ensure you get a return of investment for everything you spend.

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