Silise (web development case study)

The Objective

A high-end boutique in Israel with an eCommerce online shop approached us to refresh their dated website, which struggled to turn visitors into online sales.

Silise eCommerce website showcasing clothing products

Our Challenge

Silise, a high-end fashion boutique in Israel came to us for advice on improving their website visitor’s online experience and encourage them to purchase items on their online store. They also wanted the website to encourage people to visit their physical retail store.

Contemporary clothing store

Our Solution

Following extensive analysis of the client’s website, including traffic data and the user’s behaviour and journey on the site, we developed a strategy to improve the user’s online experience and convert visits into purchases.

Part of the solution included the implementation of a ‘Reserve in Store’ mechanism that allows visitors to ‘try before they buy’ and collect the item in their closest store.

Alongside this, we developed a highly targeted and personal remarketing campaign, which utilised the existing website traffic through dynamic remarketing banners displaying items that have already been viewed by the individual user, resulting in a positive conversion rate.

Silise eCommerce website

Our Results

We achieved, on average per month, 56 conversions that led to 23 sales through the retail shop with a 41% conversion rate.

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