Sano B2B LinkedIn Campaign

Sano is a leading manufacturer in Israel for Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), providing non-food items, such as toiletries and hygiene products. The company manufactures a range of laundry products and paper goods, for the household, industrial and institutional sectors.

  • Number of leads
    Cost per lead £17
  • Reduced cost per lead by
    compared to previous campaign
  • Click Through Rate
    out-performed benchmarks by 550%


From vision to thought leadership

Sano focuses on products addressing consumer health, convenience and wellbeing. Sano’s vision is to be a part of every household across the globe, just as they are an inseparable part of everyday life in Israel. They provide a wide range of affordable products across markets by researching and understanding the consumer, along with adapting products to local lifestyles and climatic conditions. Sano is expanding its operations to international markets, looking to partner with distributors and retailers within the FMCG sector in Europe and the USA.


The bottom line: LinkedIn works for B2B lead generation

The goal of the campaign was B2B lead-generation within the FMCG sector, targeting those who may be interested in distributing Sano’s products outside Israel. Sano also wanted to increase brand awareness and test LinkedIn as a platform for future campaigns.


Show businesses who you are, where you’ve come from

We recommended LinkedIn as a platform for lead generation, due to the targeting options available and their distinctive Pay Per Click pricing model, versus other Social Media platforms.

We featured a boosted post on the news feed of relevant people in the industry. For the campaign message, we focused on Sano’s unique selling point; they are the leading FMCG company in Israel. This was complemented by a clear call to action, inviting viewers to partner with Sano through submitting their information via a lead form.

LinkedIn allowed the Sign-Up button to take the user directly to a form without leaving the platform, prefilled with their name, contact info, and additional information, like their company name, job title and location. The user only had to click ‘Submit’ to become a lead.

Sano International Linkedin Campaign


Get your message in front of the right people

For this campaign, we had no prior data available to utilise. While typically we hope for a customer list, ongoing visitor traffic tracking, etc. to use as a seed, this was unavailable.

We were therefore restricted to LinkedIn’s criteria-based targeting options available on the platform, which are limited compared to other Social Media Platforms, but on the other hand, are also more focused.

We created a targeted audience group based on geo-location, job function and seniority-level to reach the decision-makers (partner, VP, Director etc). By following best practice and targeting by “Job Function” and “Seniority” as opposed to “Job Title”, this allowed us to expand our audience without losing relevancy.

Sano International Linkedin Campaign


Our creative approach was simple and to point. We created a few versions of static banners for A/B testing. The messaging in the ads featured the main USPs, such as that Sano is the market leader in Israel. We used the image and text to capture attention and filter out those whom the ad was not relevant. We examined different call to actions to see which one brings the best results in terms of CPC and lead-quality, including “partner with us”, “contact us”, “join our success”. We also A/B’ed the LinkedIn internal lead form against a lead form on an external landing page.

Overall, our CTR was outperforming LinkedIn benchmarks by 550%, which demonstrated the creative and targeting was ideal, and the message was strongly resonating with the target audience.

Sano International B2B Marketing Campaign


We generated more leads without breaking the bank

This campaign has generated 34,485 impressions vs an audience of 710,000. Meaning, there is massive potential to drive more leads and engagement in future campaigns. We, therefore, suggested this to Sano, however, Sano mentioned they won’t be able to cope with the volume of the leads generated and prefer to work slower but safe.

  • cost per lead
    Cost per lead reduced by 80%
  • LinkedIn Benchmarks Outperformed by
    due to creatives and targeting

“The campaign is out-performing benchmarks by 550% and performing really well. This tells us the creative and targeting is ideal and the message is resonating with our target audience! Congrats – as it’s not easy to do this!

Account Director
LinkedIn Marketing Solutions


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