Rhodium Floors Growth Strategy

anova has worked with Rhodium Floors over the last three years to completely transform their entire digital presence, increasing leads across all online channels and significantly boosting enquiries from their website.

  • Increase in speed performance
    Old VS new website
  • Increase in new users
    Year on Year
  • Increase in local enquiries
    Based on Google My Business reporting YoY

A luxury touch for Rhodium Floors

From vision to reality

Based in the glamorous location of Hollywood, Rhodium Floors offers an exquisite collection of hand-picked flooring and wall finishes that can be found in many of the most luxurious homes in Hollywood, including the rich and famous.

Rhodium Floors was founded in 2014 with the vision of redefining the world of flooring and wall finishes. With an enviable reputation for quality, innovation and personal service, its products positively exude beauty, elegance and originality. In a highly competitive market, it has become the preferred supplier to many of the most luxurious homes in Hollywood and the surrounding beach towns.

Today, the company works directly with many of the most renowned interior designers and project developers with the sole aim of bringing their unique visions to life. Clients who choose Rhodium Floors expect the highest standard of service and personal attention to detail, which is exactly what the company delivers. From consultation through to sampling and on-site finishing, Rhodium Floors aim to look after every aspect of the process and provide bespoke support along the way

The Growth Objectives

Grow revenue, boost enquiries, and increase showroom footfall

For Rhodium Floors, having a website is a key to the success of the business. Since their showroom is based in an industrial location that lacks footfall, their website acts as its primary revenue channel and is the most important means of generating leads and getting clients through the showroom door.

The company operates in a highly competitive industry where it isn’t always easy to rank well for relevant keywords. It was extremely important for our client’s website to be found for relevant keywords around Los Angeles and California. Any keyword with a connection to wood flooring and luxury was our top priority

“In any lead generation campaign, tracking results is vital. It allows you to see what is working and what isn’t, where further improvements could be made, and the total return on investment.” David Palmer, Head of Marketing


As with any project of this type, it was also important to the client to maintain full transparency and have access to relevant statistics across their campaigns. Although the gap from lead to acquisition is long, the client needed to have the ability to calculate the profit and return on investment (ROI) for each lead generated through the website.

Right from the beginning of the project, our objective was to focus on the website SEO to increase organic exposure and drive more traffic. By developing a new website and performing both on-site and off-site SEO strategies, we would be able to propel the company up the rankings for relevant search engine keywords and greatly boost the number of web and phone enquiries, while also boosting conversions.

Some of the key objectives of the project included:

  • Increase organic exposure and search engine keyword positions
  • Development of a new website
  • Increase website conversions through phone calls, product and emails enquiries
    Increase showroom footfall
Rhodium Floors

The challenge

Transforming their online presence

Rhodium Floors had an existing website, but it wasn’t ranking for relevant organic keywords and provided a very poor user experience on many devices, with slow loading times and a number of UX issues. Ultimately, the website was failing to bring in many leads into the business and produced a low number of enquiries each month, which was definitely something the client wanted to change. What’s more, the site failed to positively represent the brand to the company’s demanding clientele, which includes high-profile interior designers and project developers.

Early on, it became clear that one of the things negatively impacting search rankings was that the domain had been penalised by Google because of unethical backlink building exercised by a previous provider. To make matters worse, the website’s blog was also showing duplicate content, including articles that were a spin of original articles found elsewhere. Again, this was having a severe negative impact on rankings and was something that needed to be tackled as a matter of urgency.

On top of this, the site was poorly developed and was being looked after by three different developers who were adding further complications.

Taking all this into account, it was little surprise that the site was failing to rank well in search engine results, resulting in less exposure, fewer visitors and, ultimately, a low number of leads. It was clear that any improvements in these areas had the potential to significantly boost revenues and set the business up for future success.


“Working closely with the company, our challenge was to transform Rhodium Floors’ entire online presence and make the brand more visible to their target market. From the outset, we were excited by the possibilities and knew the impact our work could have on search rankings and the flow of leads the company receives on a daily basis.”
Mika Doctorsky – Head of Client Strategies


How we did it

Maximising SEO performance and lead generation

Delivering on the objectives of this project and developing a strong online presence that generates a steady flow of targeted leads was a task that involved drawing on all our extensive experience across many fields. This included Search Engine Optimisation, PPC, Web Development, Copywriting, Social Media Management, Reputation Management and much more.

Tackling the penalty

The first mission was to tackle the penalty Google had placed on the domain as a result of unethical backlinking techniques exercised by a previous provider. This was stopping the website from ranking in search engine results for relevant keywords and therefore seriously harming the amount of exposure the site was receiving.

To this end, we began by clearing any irrelevant or unnatural backlinks and worked to increase the authority of the domain through organic and social outreach activities. A key part of this strategy was to acquire backlinks from high DA websites, which is one of the key factors Google’s algorithms take into account for rankings. In addition, we worked to increase organic click-through rates by enriching the meta descriptions with improved content.

Google My Business Local SEO

“It was really challenging to remove the toxic exposure out of the domain. We had to think outside the box to get the site ranking again, but every challenge makes us more creative and experienced, so we really relish such tasks.” – SEO Team

Finding the best keywords

Another early task was analysing existing search rankings and performing detailed keyword research to find out the best keywords to target. From there, we segmented the keywords per their search intent to help us understand the motive of the person performing the search, which is extremely useful in terms of determining what keywords to target. For example, someone searching for “high end flooring Los Angeles” is almost certainly actively looking for a flooring supplier and has a very strong intent to buy. These are the hottest leads and the ones that can be targeted more closely.

We defined a range of geo-targeted keywords, which our copywriters could then implement within the content to help boost the rankings.

A content strategy to convert leads

It was also important to address the recycled content on the old website’s blog. This needed to be replaced with new fresh and engaging content written by our professional copywriters. As well as helping improve the site’s search performance, this content is very useful to the target audience and can be utilised in marketing funnels and shared through various other mediums to increase exposure further still.

Indeed, blog content played a key role in our marketing funnel strategy. The idea was to create and publish content on a regular basis that would introduce the brand’s story and value proposition and drive targeted traffic to the site, including users who would potentially be interested in the company’s products but who might not necessarily be ready to buy. Those users can then be captured in a remarketing funnel and be retargeted again and again, with each stage of the funnel continuing the story and exposing them to the next chapter of the story.

Content Marketing - Rhodium Floors Blogs

Working closely with Rhodium Floors, we have planned and implemented a keyword and topic-driven blog strategy, with new blogs written and published on a monthly basis. This helps to drive organic traffic to the site and provides useful content to the target audience, thereby increasing trust and establishing Rhodium Floors as an authority source in their industry.

To build trust, even more, we implemented a customer review program that encourages the customer to provide feedback on third party websites. Reviews are an essential part of building a client’s reputation because the simple truth is that people tend to trust what other people say about you more than what you say yourself. Positive reviews have the potential to increase leads and conversions, and they are also helpful in boosting search engine rankings.

persona UX research

PPC that really works

As well as organic methods, Rhodium Floors was keen to generate new leads through pay-per-click advertising.

To this end, we created targeted PPC campaigns centred around focused keywords and crafted separate landing pages for each one to deliver maximum conversions and simple results tracking.

In order to ensure the PPC campaigns reached the right audience and generated as many leads as possible for the business, we spent a lot of time analysing and selecting the most relevant keywords, with an emphasis on those that had a high monthly search volume and low CPC (Cost Per Click). In addition, we used dynamic content techniques with specifically targeted PPC campaigns, as well as utilising built-in Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAG).


“We can’t stress enough how important it is to carry out in-depth keyword research that is closely aligned with the client’s goals. By properly understanding the business we can craft PPC campaigns that outperform the rest.” Performance Team


As always, our PPC strategy was developed to be fully aligned with the client’s operational and business requirements. This is extremely important when it comes to crafting successful lead generation campaigns that target the right audience and products, thereby providing the maximum return on investment.

PPC campaign for rhodium floors

A modern new website that performs as well as it looks

Central to our work with Rhodium floors was the development of a brand-new website.

Before beginning any design or development work, we firstly needed to fully understand how people were using the current website so that we could identify what was working and what wasn’t. We analysed existing website data, looking at user behaviour and using tools like heat maps to identify which parts of the site retained visitors the longest and which had high bounce rates. Data was gathered from over 100 anonymous record sessions and gave us a clear picture of where people were getting confused or lost while browsing the site.

For further insight, we also executed detailed market research, including competitor analysis, user persona and user journey research. This allowed us to gain further understanding of the market, the target audience and their character attributes.

Rhodium Floors Website

With all this knowledge, we could then begin developing a new, high-performance website built on WordPress to maximise user retention and conversions. This was a task that involved drawing on all of our web development expertise to craft a bespoke solution that performs well from a technical standpoint, while also being a pleasure for the end customer to use.

As with all web development projects, we took a mobile-first approach and utilised the latest UX best practices in order to ensure the site delivers the best possible user experience on all devices and screen sizes. In addition, our team was focused on developing a fast, ‘lightweight’ solution that uses the smallest amount of server resources and delivers lightning-fast performance. As well as being great for the user experience, this is important for SEO since page loading time is a key factor used by search engines to rank websites. In short, a fast website will outrank a slow one.


“We’re really proud of the website we have developed for Rhodium Floors and the client is seeing so many positive results. Drawing on our team’s diverse technical backgrounds allowed us to develop a bespoke solution that performs as well as it looks.” – Francisco Figueira Head of Product Design.


In addition, we have developed a streamlined communication between the website and the CRM system. This allows our client to evaluate every marketing channel individually and understand the profit made from every deal that came through website leads.

Rhodium Floors Mobile

The result

More leads, more enquiries, more sales

Since working with Rhodium Floors, we have managed to completely transform their web presence across all channels and help their digital marketing achieve tangible and measurable results.

There has been a 90% increase in new users and a 121% rise in website conversions year to year, helping boost local enquiries by a staggering 120%. Meanwhile, our comprehensive search engine optimisation strategy has enabled the company to achieve first page positions for over 100 targeted keywords, which has been pivotal in generating a steady flow of targeted leads and enquiries. In addition, the company has seen a 20% decrease in the cost per conversion, helping them boost profits.

“Our strategy has helped the client boost leads, revenue and performance across all online channels. They are seeing some really fantastic results that are closely aligned with their goals and ambitions.” – Guy Azouri, Managing Director, anova.


  • increase in new users
    After launching the new website
  • rise in website conversions
    compared to previous year

We understood the importance of organic traffic and being found on Google to get website enquiries. Working with anova is a different experience, the from first conversations throughout the suggested approach, every detail was aligned to the companies needs. We are proud of our new website and feel it is doing justice to our brand. We would recommend anova to any business owner who is serious about their online growth.

Roy Akirov
Founder and CEO - Rhodium Floors


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