Footlogix Facebook Campaign

Established by Dr Katharin von Gavel in 2007, Footlogix® is the world’s first and only Pediceutical® foot care line to address the challenging needs within the foot care industry. Footlogix empowers professionals with the ability to elevate pedicures to a new standard of excellence. Products are easy to use, highly concentrated and cost-effective.

  • Leads Increased by
    Compared to the Previous Campaign
  • Cost Per Lead
    44% Below Target CPL
  • leads Generated
    High Income Generated


From factory to your door

Founder and CEO: “We want to increase awareness of the importance of healthy feet due to lifestyle changes and elevate the pedicure industry by providing unique products with revolutionary technologies that give transformational results.”

Footlogix’s goal is to reach every beauty professional in the UK, from salons, beauty therapists, luxury department stores, mobile therapists to nail technicians. Footlogix’s products were developed to serve professionals who seek only proven & tested results-oriented products, and it is therefore their mission to deliver revolutionary and innovative foot-care products that provide effective and transformational results.



You can’t revolutionise if people don’t know

Louella Bella approached to run a lead generation campaign for their primary brand: Footlogix. Footlogix products are distributed by Louella Bell in the UK, also known for their professional manicure, pedicure, beauty and spa products. The goal of this Facebook campaign was to generate leads, targeting B2B beauty professionals across the UK, interested in ordering Footlogix products for their business, to be able to serve their clients.


We develop a strong plan for keeping your campaigns organised

The campaign strategy was to get beauty professional interested in Footlogix as a new line of products or their business, and the way to achieve that was though offering ‘a free Footlogix demonstration at their saloon/spa/shop’. The call-to-action used to capture lead conversion was to get them to submit their details to book a free demonstration. The idea then is after they enjoy a free demo, to offer them a discounted price for their first order. Then, to continue client retention with different strategies (out of the scope of the Facebook lead-generation campaign).

Cost per lead was set to be around the £25 price mark.

Footlogix Facebook Strategy


Interest targeting to serve better ads

The campaign was for the England market, as the offer of this campaign was a free shop demonstration from regional teams across the country.

We used custom audiences-based Pixel data, such as top time spent on the Footlogix webpage in the past 180 days. Footlogix ran a similar campaign in the past, which allowed us to utilise and extend the audience they had already established for lookalikes and remarketing.

We also had a custom audience we used that was generated from Louella Belle’s customer list of beauty professionals, and we created a 1% Lookalike audience for this.

In addition, we created a beauty professionals’ interest-based audience for comparison between the three audience types (saved, custom and LAL) and optimisation down the line.

anova facebook creative ads


We flexed our creative muscles

Footlogix offers a range of formulas to treat dry-skinned feet. From a creative point of view – and with Facebook advertising policy, this was challenging to develop creatives that can capture attention, resonate with the target audience and conform with the platform’s ads policy.

We, therefore, had to shift our creative strategy from visual attention capturing elements to emphasis on how this product is beneficial, focusing on text-copy alongside imagery. For that, we suggested a Slideshow ad format to tell the product’s story in stages – where each slide presents a different unique selling point.

anova retargeting facebook campaign

Footlogix Facebook Campaign Success

We analysed, learned, optimised and converted more

We created lead forms with variations for A/B testing: Variations included with and without postcode. We understood that for operational reasons, it was important for Footlogix to know where the lead was so the nearest regional team could call them and arrange a demo. Adding a postcode field negatively impacted the lead form completion rate.

  • Number of Leads
    44% below target CPL
  • Leads increased by
    compared to previous campaign

“We got some many leads from this campaign, we had to request from anova to temporarily pause the campaign for us to be able to cope with the volume. We were very happy with the overall number of leads generated, as well as their quality and the cost we paid per lead, which was almost 50% cheaper than the target CPL we set.”

Jamie Crook, CEO
Louella Belle, Footlogix UK-exclusive distributor


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