Benefits of Influencer Marketing

17 Incredible Benefits of Influencer Marketing in 2018

What are the benefits of Influencer Marketing? It is impossible to deny the power that social media marketing in propelling your business forward. Almost all age groups log into and engage with multiple social media platforms each and every day.

It’s been found that, on average, people spend more than 2 hours every day on social media. In fact, this trend is growing each and every year. Furthermore, 59% of marketing professionals plan to increase influencer budgets in the next 12 months.

As such, it has become crucial that your business is taking suitable steps to promote your brand on social media wherever possible. And what is the most effective way to do this in 2018? You guessed it, influencer marketing! If done properly, influencer marketing offers a wide variety of benefits to your business, that are hard to be achieved through other means. But first off …

What exactly is influencer marketing?

What is Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is when you, as a business owner, leverage an influencer’s social media following to help increase your brand exposure. Influencers are those individuals that have large followings on one or more social media channels. These people can include global celebrities, like Nicki Minaj or Justin Bieber. They can also be stars that have risen to fame themselves because of social media, like Logan Paul and Amanda Cerny.

Either way, they have a large audience who follow their day-to-day lives and care about what they say. So, if you pay that influencer to endorse your product, you can guarantee that a large number of people will see your product almost immediately. Better yet, it actually gets results. 92% of those who used influencer marketing in 2017 said it was effective.

The 17 biggest benefits of influencer marketing in 2018

17 Benefits of Influencer Marketing

Now, let’s take a deep look into exactly what benefits influencer marketing offers. Especially in regards to other forms of digital marketing.

1. It offers high ROI


If performed correctly, influencer marketing offers incredible ROI, that you’d struggle to get elsewhere. In fact, some studies have found that the ROI on successful influencer marketing campaigns are as high as 11-fold. This is largely because influencer marketing is relatively new and still a fresh form of advertising.

2. You can directly track ROI

Compared to other forms of advertising, it is quite easy to track the ROI from influencer marketing. A simple method of achieving this is to offer out discount codes on your products that relate to all content shared by the influencer. Then, simply equate the value of those sales and compare it to how much you paid the influencer. But also remember that the ROI from an influencer marketing campaign will stretch out well into the future due to the increased network of followers you will generate directly as a result.

3. Followers genuinely care about what the influencer promotes


Engagement rates with influencers are so high, simply because followers actually care about what the influencer says. In fact, some studies have found Twitter followers trust and value influencers almost as much as their actual friends. This is invaluable as it means that people will actually read and take note of your products. As opposed to simply dismissing them as advertising.

4. It is the most effective way to reach millennials

If you’re looking to reach young audiences, millennials or those from Generation Z, then social media is your best bet. 85% of Gen Z use their social media accounts to discover and learn more about new products.

5. Influencers set trends

If you really want to see huge success for your product, then you need them to go viral. Influencers are the perfect people to help you do this as they are trendsetters themselves. If they back your product, then they hold a better chance of catching on and riding the viral train to success.

6. Messages can be authentic


Bear in mind that not all influencers will agree to work with your brand, regardless of how much you pay them. This is because influencers genuinely have to care about their audience and be sure to only promote products they strongly approve of. What this means is that, when a decent influencer does promote your product, you can be sure their message is authentic.

7. The followers you receive will be higher quality

In recent years, a number of poor-quality marketing tactics have sprung up on social media, like buying thousands of followers for a small amount of money. Well, what you find is that these followers are low-quality and spammy. Instead, those followers you gain as a result of influencer marketing tend to be much higher quality as you’ve been endorsed by someone they trust. Better yet, they are real people behind genuine accounts!

8. Incredible brand exposure almost immediately

Influencer marketing also has the ability to generate real results incredibly fast. If an influencer has followers from all over the world then, regardless of when they post something, it will be picked up by thousands of people straight away.

9. Can grow your visibility across multiple platforms all at once

Influencers tend to be highly active on more than one platform (such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube). If you agree on a cross-channel campaign, then they will generate incredible visibility for your brand across multiple channels all at once.

10. You can fully customise your campaign with video, text and image-based content


There is no set rule for the sort of content your influencer promotes. You can oftentimes be involved in the content generation process and create videos, images and text-based content. This allows you create adverts that you know works best for your product. In fact …

11. Influencers can assist you with upgrading your content creation strategy

Influencers are professionals at creating content that works. After all, that’s how they built their own fanbase! As such, they can help you upgrade the quality of the content you are producing. They can inspire you with new ideas and new ways to leverage your media.

12. You have good control over the audience reached

Influencers tend to have a very specific, niche audience. As such, it is always possible to find influencers that have a follower-base that closely matches your target audience. This point leads nicely onto …

13. You can target your local area as well

You might think that influencer marketing only applies to companies that ship products and services all over the world. That’s not true. You can target local influencers who’s follower base is centred around a specific location. Meaning, if you provide a local service to your community, then you can still use influencer marketing with dramatic success.

14. Establishing agreements and crafting content can be done quickly

Content Customisation

Once you reach out to certain influencers, striking agreements and building the content can be done all within a matter of days. Of course, it may be longer depending on how in-depth the marketing will be. However, if you’re looking to get things started right away, then it is possible.

15. The benefits are long lasting

Once an influencer starts promoting your product, you should notice an immediate surge in popularity for your brand. This will act as a ranking factor that will help to boost your pages and content, not just now, but into the future as well.

16. You can quickly improve your own authority

Influencers are already seen as authorities within their niches. By working with you, it acts as an indicator to their followers that you are an authority as well, and worth listening to. You can then leverage this authority for yourself if you work hard to maintain that image.

17. There is huge flexibility in pricing

Some influencers are naturally more famous than others and can command higher marketing fees. However, upcoming influencers can be just as powerful and much more affordable. You just need to know where to look to find them.

Incorporating influencer marketing into your strategy

It should be clear that influencer marketing has the potential to drastically grow your company’s exposure in 2018. However, just like any other marketing strategy, it should be executed with precision. As such, you should be sure to work with an experienced marketing agency if you are looking to learn the ropes and understand which influencers are best suited to your brand.

That’s where Anova comes in. we have a strong track record of helping brands all across the UK to develop their digital marketing plans. Influencer marketing has become an increasingly large part of our client’s marketing strategies and we know what works and what doesn’t. That’s because we use a tailored approach for every new business we work with.

To start with, we take time to understand what your brand is all about and to really dig down into your customer persona. Afterwards, we carry out in-depth market research to see which influencers best align with your values and also your target audience.

The final piece of the puzzle is carrying out effective outreach campaigns to develop relationships and deals with the right influencers.

To find out more and to see how we can help you harness the power of influencer marketing in 2018, contact our friendly team today.

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